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Anonymous asked:
How would Chanyeol/Kai/Sehun try to teach you Korean, since you can only say the basics? Thank you!


Chanyeol would try his best to be patient with you. When you pronounce a work incorrectly, he’ll cover up his laugh and try to teach you the correct pronunciation, etc. He might fool around a bit by saying one word means another and then confuse you. Nonetheless, he’ll be great at teaching you some Korean. c:

Kai would get in depth with his teaching skills. No jokes, no smiles, no pranks. He’ll be completely serious when teaching you. It might be a bit scary on your side because he’s not the type that’s serious for a long time, but I guess you’ll simply get used to the way he acts. After the entire lesson, he’ll crack a smile and go back to Jongin mode. cx

Sehun, oh god, this guy would troll the entire time. One minute, he’s teaching you what “banana” and “apple” is when you don’t even have to know. The next minute, he’s teaching you a bunch of curse words. This dork would take advantage of your disability to understand Korean and play so many pranks on you. You might as well get a real tutor. cx

-Admin Soo

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